My name is James.
I'm 19.
I love everything Elephant 6.
Friend of The Music Tapes.
I like music.
Currently in New York.

my gf is t he best

At the end of The Music Tapes’ final show on the first Traveling Imaginary Tour, after all of the set had been torn down, brought outside and packed into vehicles, while the other band members and helpers were talking, Julian came up to me and asked if I had gotten to play the “Sister of Lights” game that they had available for concert goers. I told him I hadn’t since I was too busy making sure everyone who wanted to got to play the “Feed The Elephants” game. So out of his pocket, he pulled this little metal ball and showed it to me and told me how the game was played. I had already read how it was played before the show, I just hadn’t participated, but I didn’t stop Julian from telling it to me again because it made all the difference hearing it from him. he told me that “you hold this ball up at eye level, preferably in a well lit room, and imagine three things that make you really happy. you think of them one after another and imagine you are filling this ball with the happiness you get as you think of each thing. Then once you’ve thought of the final one, you can hold the ball there and feel that happiness for as long as you want. And anytime you want to feel that happiness again, just pull it back out again.” He told me since I didn’t get to do it at the show that it was okay to do it at my home. Looking back, I think it’s very, very amazing that he somehow knew that I didn’t get to play the Sister of Lights game. I’ve had that ball in my pocket everywhere I’ve gone ever since, with the hopes that when I’m down, I can use it to cheer myself up, and maybe I can brighten the day of someone else who is feeling sad, and let them play Sister of Lights too.

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